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This page is for board specific information. More information can be found on the generic page for RPICT series.


The Rpict3t1 is a small adaptor to measure Power and Temperature.

  • 3x AC current sensor
  • 1x DS18B20 Temperature Sensor
  • Attiny84 Mcu


Power is computed using estimated Voltage. The estimated voltage can be configured. Default value is 240V.

If power computed using real voltage then use RPICT3V1 board instead. An extra sensor will be required.


Version Compatible?
Raspberrypi 1 A Yes
Raspberrypi 1 B+ Yes
Raspberrypi 2 B Yes
Raspberrypi 3 B Yes
Raspberrypi 3 B+ Yes


Starting from sketch version 1.1 the RPICT3T1 is configured over serial.

See general instructions for configuration over serial.

Temperature Sensor

The DS18B20 temperature sensor can be connected directly to the screw terminal connector.

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Emoncms Config (Emonhub)

For default configuration. Used as single board only (not stacked).

   nodename = RPICT1T1
   firmware = RPICT3T1_V1_1.ino
   hardware = RPICT3T1
       names = Power1,Power2,Power3,Temperature
       datacode = 0
       scales = 1,1,1,1
       units = W,W,W,C


Please verify which board version is yours. This is written on the circuit board itself.

Version 1.3

IMG 1208 small.png

Default Sketch v1.3
Default Sketch v1.4

Version 2.1

Default Sketch v2.0

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