RPICT Compatibility with B+

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The new Raspberrypi 3 B+ is partially compatible with some RPICT board series.

The main incompatibility is the location of the Poe connector of the Raspberrypi conflicting with the stacking connector of the RPICT board.

Anything else is perfectly compatible on the software and electronic side.

For now the options are as follow.

1 - Opt for raspberrypi 3 B which is fully compatible and has no mounting issues.

2 - If you do not plan to stack the RPICT together we can deliver the unit without the stacking connector. Drop a note at purchase time about this.

3 - If stacking is required then there is the option to remove the Poe connector on the raspberrypi. If you do not plan to use POE in the future then this is probably the best trade.