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The RPIZCT4V3T1 is a great all round and self contained unit. It can be configured to read both single phase and 3 phase systems.

Several temperature sensors can be interfaces. It is made to host a user provided Raspberrypi zero.

Future enhancement will feature mezzanine stack for additional sensor capacity.

An enclosure solution is proposed using aluminium extruded case.



  • Hosts RaspberryPi Zero
  • ATmega328 mcu (Arduino UNO)


  • 4 CT sensors
  • 3 AC Voltage
  • 1 DS18B20 port (temperature)


  • Powered from Raspberrypi (microusb)


  • Fits in Aluminium Enclosure from Evatron
  • Option to stack mezzanine board for additional sensors.

Recommended sensors

  • AC Current sensor: SCT-013-000
  • AC Voltage sensor:
    • UK: 77DB-06-09
    • EU: 77DE-06-09
    • US: 77DA-10-09
  • Temperature: DS18B20

Temperature Sensor

The temperature port supports mutiple sensor on the same Onewire line.

The sketch is programmed to search for all connected probe at bootup and output all their values when polled. If a new probe is connected the arduino mcu should be restarted for the new probe to be registered.

Multiple probes should connected as shown below.

Ds18b20 daisychain.png

Software Configuration

The documentation for serial configuration can be found on this page.
Over Serial Configuration - Sketch 1.1
Over Serial Configuration - Sketch 2.0

The default configuration can be obtained using the command

version 1.1:

wget lechacal.com/RPICT/config/C1/rpizct4v3t1.conf

version 2.0:

wget lechacal.com/RPICT/config/B4/rpiz_ct4v3t1.conf

The online configurator can be used with the RPIZ_CT4V3T1. Use a single board of RPICT4V3 when editing the configuration.

Online config 01.pngOnline configurator.


The board has been designed to fit inside an aluminium extruded enclosure. 3D printed end plates are provided. Enclosure kit is available in the shop.

IMG 1306 small.png


Arduino Sketch

Default RPICTZ Sketch V1.1.0.

Default RPIZ_CT4V3T1 Sketch V2.0.0. Version 2.0 uses RPICTlib 1.0.1.


The RPIZ_CT4V3T1 can be programmed using the NanoProg.

IMPORTANT. Make sure the Raspberrypi Zero is removed before connecting the NanoProg.

Once the Arduino firmware flashed the default config must be loaded using the lcl-rpict-config.py tool.

IMG 1888 small.png

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