Update RPICT firmware (CT7V1/CT4V3/CT8)

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THIS IS OUTDATED. FOLLOW THIS LINK INSTEAD Upload Arduino sketch from Raspberrypi to RPICT

This page provide information to update the firmware in boards RPICT7V1 version2, RPICT4V3 version2 and RPICT8.

Hardware require is either a Nanoprog or an Arduino UNO.

Note that you do not need to perform this on a brand new purchased unit. This is only for firmware upgrade or custom application.

Download Sketch

Download the sketch from the dedicated page for the board.

Erasing EEPROM


If upgrading from a major version change (e.g. 2.4 to 2.5) then an EEPROM erase might be required.

To do this upload the sketch below in the mcu. Let the mcu run once.


Sketch Upload

Using Nanoprog

One can program the board using the Nanoprog programmer with a 6pin SPI connector.

Remove the RPICT board from the Raspberrypi. Connect the NanoProg to the RPICT unit making sure that Vcc and Gnd are interconnected on both units.

These are photos for the version 3:
IMG 1150 small.pngIMG 1149 small.pngIMG 1148 small.png

and for the version 5:
IMG 0618 small.png

In Arduino IDE select board as Arduino Uno. Upload sketch using File | Upload Using Programmer.

Using an ArduinoUNO - version 3 and lower only

An Arduino UNO board can be used to program the chip. The micontroller should be removed from the RPICT board and fitted on the Uno to allow programming.

Burning Bootloader

Burning the bootloader should not be required. If you are using an Arduino UNO to upload the sketch and it fails then they are chances the mcu needs a new bootloader burn. Burning the bootloader can be done using the Nanoprog.

Write the new configuration

Once the sketch has been uploaded you should now write the new configuration. We recommend using the default configuration to test the board first. Default config can be obtained following this page. Over_Serial_Configuration_-_Sketch 2.8#Restore_Default_Config