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True Joule Thief

This is the assembled circuit board of the original joule thief circuit.

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  • Compact design.
  • Screw terminals for easy connection with battery/Led/wire.
  • Perfect ready made circuit for experimentations.
  • Works efficiently with WHITE LED.
  • On/Off switch.

Package contains assembled board and one LED. LED can be soldered on board but optional. Battery and battery case not provided.



An example of the output versus input is shown on the chart below. This is using a 1.5V AA cell battery. Output shows near 4V peak values on a 15kHz signal. Rms value is 2 volts.


Frequently Asked

What is the minimum voltage supported

This depends on the type of supply. If the battery or other voltage supply is able to provide current at very low voltage then it could work. This will also depend on the type of load applied on the output. A LED is usually expected. Generally a 1.5V cell battery would be entirely depleted around 1.0 Volt or below and no light emission can be expected at this level.

<File:JT> 0546 small.jpg