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2nd February 2024 - New product

The RPICT3V1T1 is our new shiny product. It combines both RPICT3V1 and RPICT3T1 into a single product with more performances. The main improvements are:

  • 12bit ADC.
  • Provides frequency output field.
  • 10Ksps sampling without voltage sensor.
  • 5.5Ksps sampling with voltage sensor.
  • Configurable channels.
  • Supports 1V voltage output CT.
  • Lower and more consistent backgound noise.
  • Firmware flashable from Raspberry Pi.

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18th January 2024 - New documentation

The new documentation upgrade for LeChacal is now live.


11th November 2023 - Pi5

Raspberrypi 5 is confirmed compatible with the RPICT series hat.


9th October 2023 - New product

This is a standalone programmer for Arduino. You can use this to program an arduino without the need of a computer. It uses a SD card to store the sketch to upload.

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12th July 2023 - Bug fix for frequency reading

We recommend all our users reading frequency to upgrade to the latest firmware v4.2.0.

Affected cards are RPICT7V1 RPICT8 RPICT4V3 RPICT4W3T1 version 5.

A bug in the frequency computation was making the frequency reading erratic and highly noisy. It has been now solved and a reading difference example is shown below.


To install the new firmware follow this guide below.

Upload Arduino sketch from Raspberrypi to RPICT

Then execute these commands

wget RPICT_MCP3208_v4.2.0.ino.hex