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Burn bootloader on RPICT Atmega with Arduino UNO

This will guide through the steps to flash the firmware on the attiny84 microcontroller found on some RPICT series.

Required equipment

  • 1 Arduino UNO
  • 6 Jumper wires

NanoProg is a more appropriate tool for this operation.


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The RPICT board has a 6 pin ISP port as shown below.


Connect the wires between the Arduino UNO and the RPICT board as follow:

Arduino RPICT
Gnd Gnd
13 SCK

ISP Sketch

First of all we must flash a sketch in the Arduino UNO to convert it into a programmer for the RPICT card.

Open the Arduino IDE and open the file Files | Examples | ArduinoISP

Make sure that Tools | Board: Arduino UNO is selected.

Upload this sketch to the Arduino uno. Click the right arrow icon in the Arduino IDE or do Sketch | Upload.

Burn the bootloader

Download the sketch that you wish to upload. Open it with the Arduino IDE.

Select Tools | Board: Arduino Uno

Select Tools | Programmer: Arduino as ISP

Then select Tools | Burn Bootloader

Flash the firmware

We recommend to flash the firmware from the Raspberrypi.

Connect the RPICT card on the Raspberrypi and use the tool to upload the correct firmware.

Upload Arduino sketch from Raspberrypi to RPICT