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First time troubleshoot for RPICT

Troubleshooting guide for first time usage of a RPICT unit.


1. The Raspberrypi is running with a fresh install of Rasbian. 2. The Howto setup Raspbian for serial read guide has been followed. 3. No other setup other than the above guide should be made. 4. Insert the RPICT board on the Raspberrypi.

Test protocol

1. Access the Raspberrypi with your favorite terminal window (ssh putty etc). 2. Launch the cat command as shown below and let it run for the whole test.

stty -echo -F /dev/ttyAMA0 raw speed 38400 cat /dev/ttyAMA0

3. Do you see the data out as space separated text string?

  • YES: Congratulations.
  • NO: Press the reset button. Do you see some binary data going out?
    • YES: You probably need to restore the configuration.
    • NO: There could be an issue with the firmware. Double check the Raspberrypi configuration made here. If no luck contact us about this.

If you need to contact us

If reporting a problem we do appreciate relevant pictures and screenshots and some clear explanation of the issue. Try to answer these questions in the description. How do I expect the hardware to behave? What do I see instead?

Make sure you have read the faq before contacting us. Frequently Asked Questions

Only test the board with the cat command first. Not with any home script or third party program (even emonhub). The cat command is the only way to prove the board is healthy. If you contact us stating your own program does not work we will ask you to test with cat beforehand anyway.

Do not send us code to check. We won't even look at it. We are not programming teachers. Exception made to the demo script in our wiki if being used as is.