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This page is for board specific information. More information can be found on the generic page for RPICT series.

The RPI LCT4V3 has been specifically designed for large CT of 400A and more. CT connector are screw terminal types as opposed to jack connectors.

  • 4 AC current sensor
  • 3 AC Voltage sensor.
  • Compute real power.
  • Fit on Raspberrypi 4 holes mounting pattern.
  • ATmega328 Mcu.
  • Adapted for 400A CT.


Version Compatible?
Raspberrypi 1 A Yes
Raspberrypi 1 B+ Yes
Raspberrypi 2 B Yes
Raspberrypi 3 B Yes
Raspberrypi 3 B+ Yes

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AC Current sensor

Most current output CT sensor with 5A secondary can be used. In particular

  • SCT-024/5A

Enquire with us for other CT.

AC Voltage sensor

  • UK: 77DB-06-09
  • EU: 77DE-06-09
  • US: 77DA-10-09


See general instructions for configuration below:

Over Serial Configuration - Sketch 2.8 Over Serial Configuration - Sketch 3.0 300px| link=<> The board can be configured with the online configurator.


The RPI_LCT4V3 is not readily stackable.

See this page below for an adaptation to stack 2 units.

RPI_LCT4V3 stack with RPI_LCT8 application example.

View the data with Python

Please note the configuration must have Emonhub format enabled (format=3). The example script below will be a good starting point.

First of all make sure you have python-serial package installed

$ sudo apt-get install python-serial

Then copy the following into an executable file and run it.

 import serial
 ser = serial.Serial('/dev/ttyAMA0', 38400)

        while 1:
                response = ser.readline()
                z = response.split(" ")
                if len(z)>=7:
                        print "Vrms 1: %s Volt" % z[1]
                        print "Vrms 2: %s Volt" % z[2]
                        print "Vrms 3: %s Volt" % z[3]
                        print "RealP 1: %s Watt" % z[4]
                        print "RealP 2: %s Watt" % z[5]
                        print "RealP 3: %s Watt" % z[6]
                        print "RealP 4: %s Watt" % z[7][:-2]
 except KeyboardInterrupt:

Emoncms Config (Emonhub)

For default configuration.

[[/11|11]] nodename = my_RPI_LCT4V3 hardware = RPI_LCT4V3 [[[rx]]] names = Vrms1, Vrms2, Vrms3, RP1, RP2, RP3, RP4 datacode = 0 scales = 1,1,1,1,1,1,1 units = V,V,V,W,W,W,W

Using the default sketch the output will be NodeID Vrms1 Vrms2 Vrms3 RealPower1 RealPower2 RealPower3 RealPower4

  • RealPower in Watts
  • Vrms in Volts



Default Sketch

Default Sketch V2.8.0. Default Sketch V3.0.0. Default Sketch V3.0.1. Default Sketch V3.0.2.

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Frequently Asked



Update RPICT firmware (CT7V1-CT4V3-CT8)