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Position Control with StepperUNO

We will describe the usage of the Position Control V2.0 sketch for StepperUNO.

Push Buttons

The StepperUNO has 4 push buttons we will refer to as:

  • LEFT
  • UP
  • DOWN
  • RST


Operation Modes

The SELECT button toggles between each of the 4 modes.

  • DISABLED. (DIS) Motors are free running. No action can be done.


  • MANUAL. (MANU) Motors are holding position. They can be moved using LEFT and RIGHT buttons. Current position can be set to zero by pressing RST for more than 2 seconds.


  • STORING. (STO) Current position can be stored when pressing the RST button.


  • CALLING. (CALL) Current position can be executed by the motor when pressing the RST button.


Position Memory

There are 32 positions that can be saved into memory. P0 to P31.

Buttons UP and DOWN allow to select the memory to work with.

In STORING mode the RST button will store the current position into memory. In CALLING mode the RST button will move the motor to the position in memory.

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Current Position

The current position is shown on the top right of the lcd display. This position is also saved into memory and is persistent over reboots.

Position reset To reset the current position to 0 press the RST button for more than 2 seconds in MANUAL or DISABLED mode.

AUTO mode

AUTO mode is enabled when the motor is moving. To cancel the move press the SELECT button to resume to DISABLED mode.