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[http://lechacal.com/vrac/skw71.pdf Datasheet]
[[http://lechacal.com/skw71/Skylab_v1.0.lbr Eagle Library]]
[http://lechacal.com/skw71/skw71.pdf Datasheet]

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Skylab SKW71


Embedded module with wifi and ar9331 controller from Skylab.

Available readily flashed with OpenWRT in the shop. Link to shop

Breakout Board

Link to shop

IMG 1144 small.png IMG 1145 small.png

Pin assignment

Pins skw71.png

This table above has been established according to the manufacturer documentations. However it has been noted the following:

  • pins 1 and 29 must be connected together for the board to power up.
  • Using OpenWRT Lan and Wan port are swapped.

SKW71 Eagle Library

Eaglelib skw71.png


[Eagle Library]