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AlbaWinder - The Arduino Coil Winder

The AlbaWinder is a project developed to create a coil winder controlled by Arduino. It uses OpenBeam frame and components.

Technical Specifications

OpenBeam Frame and components
Dimensions: 40x32x12cm.
2x Nema17 stepper motor.
Rubber cones to adapt a wide range of coils.
2 axis - 1 Carrier axis - 1 Spooling axis.
2 Proximity sensors for detection of the carrier.
Maximum Coil size: Length 25cm Diameter 9cm.

16x2 LCD Display.
1 USB port.
Atmega328 MCU (arduino programmed).
6 push button.
Speed control with potentiometer.
1 Power switch.

12V operated. Requires 2.1mm Jack center positive.

Carrier resolution: 200step/rev 7.5micron
Spooler Maximum Speed: 60rpm (with current circuit board and sketch)
Carrier Leadscrew: M10 1.5mm pitch

Source Files

3D printed parts

3D Parts - STL files

Bills of Materials

BOM v1.0

Sketches (firmware)

Standalone Sketch

Download the standalone sketch here.
This sketch offer the possibility to control the winder with the button provided by the control board.

CNC Sketch

Coming Soon. A sketch for controlling the winder via serial port is being developed. This will turn the AlbaWinder into a complete CNC machine. Your contribution is welcome if you wish to help.

The Control Circuit Board

We will now use the StepperUNO as the control board for the Albawinder. Previous board has been deprecated.

See more details on this link StepperUNO Control Board

- 2 Motor control output (Generic or embedded A4988 drivers)
- 4 Digital Input/Output
- 2 Analog Input (can be used as digital I/O)
- 1 USB port
- 1 Power port (2.1mm Jack)
- 1 Potentiometer control
- 6 push buttons.
- 16x2 LCD screen

Carrier position sensors

Two optical sensors are mounted behind the carrier to detect position. This is used to change the direction of the carrier when reaching the end of the coil. They are manually adjustable using the knob screw.

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