Before 1st July 22 RPICT7V1 Configuration

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Software Configuration

Using a serial line terminal program one can configure the following:

- Polling interval
- Output format (csv or emonhub)
- Calibration values (Voltage and Current)
- Voltage/current combinations for real power computation.
- Output channels

The documentation for serial configuration can be found on this page.

Over Serial Configuration - Sketch 3.0

Online config 01.png The board can be configured with the online configurator.

Auto Reset

Version 5 units have auto reset support. When using the command it is possible to reset the RPICT remotely with the -a option. -a 

or -a -w myfile.conf

Usage without Voltage sensor

Default configuration expect a voltage sensor to be plugged in.

The configuration rpict7v1_noV.conf will only output current Irms for the 7 channels.

$ -w rpict7v1_noV.conf


Default Sketch

Default Sketch V3.1.0.
Default Sketch V3.2.0. hex.

noOSC Sketch

The Default sketch allows up to 28 computation nodes to be run. If more are needed for higher stacks then we recommend to use the noOSC sketch. This is the same as the default sketch but Over Serial Configuration (OSC) as been removed to allow up to 40 nodes to be computed. Configuration has to be edited in the sketch.

noOSC Sketch v1.0
noOSC Sketch v1.1