Connect the WR703N as Wifi client

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  • WR703N
  • A computer with a web browser
  • A network Cable


Connect the computer to the WR703N router with the network cable. Ethernet port to ethernet port.

Also plug the power cord to the router.

For ease of troubleshooting it might be a good idea to switch off the wifi on the computer (optional).

Wait 2 minutes after the router has been powered.

In the web browser go to address

Configuration from Web Interface (Luci)

Wr client 01.png From the menu go to Network | Wifi. Then Hit The Scan button to find your wifi network.

Wr client 02.png Select the network you wish to connect to with the Join Network button.

Wr client 03.png Leave everything as default on this page then hit Submit

Wr client 04.png On this next page enter the network password if required then leave everything as default. Hit Save & Apply.

Wr client 05.png You can then navigate to Network | Interfaces to see that the new wireless interface has been connected. (WWAN has been given an IP address).

Some troubleshooting

Wr client 06.png

If both the router and the computer can not access the internet then make sure that both IP address of the LAN and WWAN interfaces are on a different subnet. Navigate to Network | Interfaces to find out.

If for example LAN ip is and WWAN ip is then there is a subnet conflict (192.168.1 being common to the two). In this case you should change the LAN ip address. To do this click on Edit for the LAN interface.

On this page you can modify the IPv4 address. A good value for this field would be

Leave everything as default and click Save n apply.png

Then disable and re-enable the network interface on the computer to get back to the web interface again.

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