Emonwrt3 Upgrade Software

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1. Preliminaries

Connect to the device using ssh. Install Putty on your computer for this and setup a ssh connection.

User: root password: admin (or anything you have already setup).

Note that you will need to reconfigure the unit from scratch.

2. Remove old packages

In the ssh session issue these commands below:

opkg update
opkg remove emonwrt3 emonwrt3-luci

3. Install new packages

opkg install emonwrt3 emonwrt3-luci

4. Replace the config

This step might be optional. By default your old config will be preserved. If upgrading to a major version (i.e. from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0) the configuration might have to be reset as shown below.

cp /etc/config/emonwrt3-opkg /etc/config/emonwrt3

5. Reboot the device