Modwrt First use

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First time setup is really straight forward.

Acccessing the web interface


  • Power on the unit with a micro USB cable.

2a- Using wifi

  • Using a wifi enabled computer connect to network ModWRT.

2b- Using Wired Ethernet

  • Connect a network cable from the base unit directly to a computer.
  • Connect the micro USB power cable.


  • On the computer open a web browser (chrome / brave / firefox / safari or else).
  • Go to address http://OpenWrt (or alternatively
  • The Luci web interface should now appear.
  • Login using user root password admin.

Visualise Data

  • From the top menu select ModWRT | Server
  • The first Emoncms entry will be enabled but not configured.
  • Get the Read & Write apikey from your emoncms online account.
  • Copy and paste it in the apikey field of the first stream entry on Luci.
  • Click Save n apply.png