OrangePi Setup

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Tested unit is the Orange Pi PC.

Operating system used is the Armbian Focal from this page below.

Install image on SD card. Insert SD card and power up the Orange Pi.

Find the ip address of the Orange Pi and connect via SSH.

ssh root@<ipaddress>

Password is 1234. Follow what the interactive setup requires.

To enable the serial port run the command below:

echo "overlays=uart3" >> /boot/armbianEnv.txt

Then reboot the Pi with:

sudo reboot

Test the serial output with

stty -echo -F /dev/ttyS3 raw speed 38400
cat /dev/ttyS3

Important note. We are slowly adapting the lcl tools for Orange Pi. We recommend using a Raspberrypi to setup the RPICT board. Then use the Orange Pi for runtime only.


Get the latest configuration tool.


Read the configuration using

./ -a


cat /tmp/rpict.conf

Write the config

./ -a -w myfile.conf