Phase Splitter Kit Usage

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Tools required

  • Screw driver.
  • Cable stripper or knife.
  • Snipers.
  • Multimeter or continuity meter.


A main power extension for your country must be acquired separately from the kit. We are using a UK main power cable in the example here but this will also work for EU and US main power extensions.

First of all use some snipers to split the cable where you need the phase splitting to be.


Now strip both end for each individual wires.


Fully dismount the junction connector. Make sure to remove the green block from its cage as well.


Connect the three wires to the centre piece. Connect the black to N. Blue to 1. Green/yellow to Earth.


Screw in the first body without the green block.


Now add the green block.


Then screw in the tightening cap.


Place the cap and the second body on the cable of one of the half power extension.


Connect all three wires to the centre piece. Neutral to N. Live to 1. Earth to Earth. Then screw in the second body and the cap.


Now do the same operation for the other side of the junction connector with the other half extension.



This the final phase splitter kit assembled. You should now test each pin with a continuity meter to make sure they are wired correctly.
Earth must be connected to Earth. Live to Live and Neutral to Neutral.


Clamp the CT around the Live or Neutral.