RPICT Online Config Generator

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Find the appropriate online configurator below for every sketch version.

Online config 01.png

Sketch RPICT

Commonly for the following board:

  • RPICT8
  • RPICT7V1
  • RPICT4V3
  • RPI_LCT4V3
Table 1:
Sketch Link
Sketch 2.4/2.5/2.6/2.7 http://lechacal.com/RPICT/config/generator/v1.4/
Sketch 2.8.x http://lechacal.com/RPICT/config/generator/v2.1/
Sketch 3.0.x http://lechacal.com/RPICT/config/generator/v3.0/
Sketch 3.1.x http://lechacal.com/RPICT/config/generator/v3.1/