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RPI_DCV8 is a 8 channels acquisition board for Raspberrypi. Any of AC current & voltage or DC current & voltage can be setup at assembly/purchase time.

  • 8 Channels (both AC or DC).
  • Measure RMS or Average signal.
  • Fit on Raspberrypi 4 holes mounting pattern.
  • Atmega328p Mcu (Arduino UNO)
  • MCP3208 ADC (12bits)
  • Screw Terminal connectors.

IMG 2062 small.pngIMG 2063 small.pngIMG 2064 small.png

Channel Setup

DC Current

N22837947A 1.jpg DC current can be read using a Clamp meter suitable for DC. An example unit is the BT-605A where currents up to 600A can be measured.

The amplification stage can be adapted on the RPI_DCV8 to adjust for desired range.

AC Current


For measuring AC current current a Current Transformer (CT) must be used.

RPI_DCV8 can host the burden resistor for current output CT.