Recording RPICT Serial stream on local file

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We are proposing a basic script template which can be installed as below.

sudo apt-get install python-requests

Edit the gateway.conf file to reflect your own setting.

nano gateway.conf

In this file you should turn off Emoncms and Influxdb. Then turn on localsave. Also edit the directory if needed.


enabled = False
hostname =
apikey = --apikey-from-emoncms-goes-here--
node = 20

enabled = False
url =   #
dbname = mydb
user = token
passwd = -optional-password-goes-here----
measurement = rpict3t1           # Modify this to match your board

enabled = True
directory = /tmp/

Insert the RPICT and run


The data will be stored in the /tmp directory. One file per day in csv format. Titled with the epoch time when it started.