Standalone Arduino Programmer

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The standalone Arduino Programmer can programme many atmel chip in stand alone mode which means it does not need a computer to operate. This is very useful for automating the programming of large number of chips.


  • Onboard Micro SD card.
  • 3 operation LED (work / ok / error).
  • 3 operation button.
  • 6 pin SPI connection to target.
  • Additional GPIO pins available for expansion.
  • Provision for use of a small LCD screen.

Basic Usage

Preparing the programmer

  • Compile the target sketch on Arduino IDE.
  • Locate the produced hex file.
  • Copy it to the SD card.
  • Rename the file as 'firmware'hex'.
  • Insert the SD card in the programmer.

Production Usage

  • Connect the 6 pin ribbon cable to the target device.
  • Press the OK button.
  • Sucessful flash will be indicated with the green led 'ok'


Several firmwares that can be used on the programmer.

Factory firmware

The default firmware allow programming with the buttons and confirmation is indicated with leds.

It is loaded in the programmer at factory. Instructions below are here for reference if you need to reflash the programmer.

The firmware can be downloaded from this github repo:.

Choose the sketch named Atmega_Hex_Uploader_Fixed_Filename

A special version of SDFat library is needed. Download it from here below. Do not use the latest version of this library or compilation will fail.