Update emonWRT from1.5

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This article will guide you to update the latest emonwrt software.


  • You have access to the web interface of the EmonWRT.
  • The EmonWRT has access to the World Wide Web.
  • EmonWRT is running OpenWRT Barrier Breaker (go to Status | Overview to find out)

Installation Steps

Step 1

From a web browser connect to the EmonWRT using its ip address. Usually the address below if directly connected with a computer on the ethernet port. If the EmonWRT is connected to a office/home router then use the emonwrt ip address.

Step 2

Navigate to System | Software. Then go to the Configuration tab. There you will see the repository configuration. Replace everything in the text box using the text below:

dest root /
dest ram /tmp
lists_dir ext /var/opkg-lists
option overlay_root /overlay
src/gz barrier_breaker_base http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/base
src/gz barrier_breaker_luci http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/luci
src/gz barrier_breaker_packages http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/packages
src/gz barrier_breaker_routing http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/routing
src/gz barrier_breaker_telephony http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/telephony
src/gz barrier_breaker_management http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/management
src/gz barrier_breaker_oldpackages http://downloads.openwrt.org/barrier_breaker/14.07/ar71xx/generic/packages/oldpackages
src/gz barrier_breaker_lechacal http://lechacal.com/repo/BB

Hit Submit once you are done copy/pasting. It should then look like this:

Emonwrt install 001.png

Step 3

Again go to System | Software. An Update lists button should be at the top. Press this button and let the system retrieving packages list. If the button if not found reboot the EmonWRT and return to this page.

Emonwrt install 002.png Emonwrt install 003.png

Step 4

On the same page scroll down and go to the Available packages tab. There hit the letter E to list all packages starting with a E. Emonwrt install 004.png

You should find the emonwrt package down in the list.

Emonwrt install 005.png

Step 5

Press the Install link for the emonwrt package.

A successful installation will look at follow. Ignore the uci: Entry not found this is perfectly normal.

Emonwrt install 006.png

If installing for the first time you will need to install coreutils-stty and coreutils-timeout in the same manner.

Step 6

Reboot the EmonWRT from the web interface or disconnect the power cord.

The EmonWRT is now updated to latest version.

What if

These are useful checks to perform in case of troubles:

Config file

Make sure the configuration file is still as you require. Go to EmonWRT | Main. Make sure all is in order here.


Go to System | Startup. Item number 55 should be emonwrt. Make sure this is showing as Enabled.