Emonwrt3 Network Configuration

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By default the unit serves an access point with SSID set as Emonwrt3.

The IP address is the hostname is OpenWrt.

Any device connected to the Emonwrt3 (wifi or wired) will be assigned an IP address with DHCP.

Connect to wifi AP

This is to connect the Emonwrt3 to an existing wifi office/home router.

From the web interface go to Network | Wifi | Scan. The list of neighbouring network will be displayed. Select your network and follow the step presented on the page.

This action will create a new network interface for the wifi. The wired ethernet will still be present with static IP address.

At this stage the unit will be able to transmit all streams to their servers. However the web interface will not be accessible over wifi but over wired ethernet only. To enable the web interface over wifi go to Network | Interfaces | (WWAN) Edit. Go to Firewall Settings tab. Select unspecified -or- create: and enter wifi here.
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Reboot the device.

Connect to wired DHCP network

This is to connect the unit to a wired ethernet router.

Because there is a danger to lock yourself out of the device we highly recommend to connect the device to a wifi network first as described above. Make sure you can access the web interface from the wifi.

Go to Network | Interface | (LAN) Edit. Change the protocol from Static address to DHCP Client. Hit Switch Protocol.
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