Upload Arduino sketch from Raspberrypi to RPICT

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This article will guide you to upload an Arduino sketch from the raspberrypi directly to the RPICT units.


This only works with RPICT units having an atmega328p chip and with autoreset support.

Suitable units are any RPICT version 5.

This won't work with any RPICT unit version 3.0 and RPICT3V1/RPICT3T1.

The atmega328p chip must have bootloader enabled. If not then the bootloader should be burnt with the NanoProg first.


First of all install avrdude.

sudo apt-get -y install avrdude

Get the package from our server.

wget lechacal.com/RPICT/tools/lcl-upload-sketch.zip

deflate the file.

unzip lcl-upload-sketch.zip

get inside.

cd lcl-upload-sketch

run the installation script.



The firmware to upload is a hex file. Usually with .ino.hex extension. In our wiki you should always find the hex file for the firmware.

Upload the file to the RPICT units using the command below:

lcl-upload-sketch.sh sketch.ino.hex

If you are writing the firmware from an arduino sketch (.ino file)

Open your sketch with the Arduino IDE. (This might be on a separate computer, not necessarily on the Raspberrypi).

Run Sketch | Verify/Compile.

This creates a file in the temporary directory.
On a linux system this is inside /tmp/arduino_build_xxxxxx.
On windows this could be somewhere like C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\build4436557367508469592.tmp

If your sketch is named sketch then take the sketch.ino.hex file and copy it over to the raspberrypi.


Credits go to the SpellFoundry on Github who has well inspired this.