First Use

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First time setup is really straight forward.

Acccessing the web interface


  • Insert the SKW71 module on the base unit. Manipulate gently as these are small parts.
  • Power on the unit with a micro USB cable.

2a- Using wifi

  • Using a wifi enabled computer connect to network EmonWRT3.
  • On the computer open a web browser (chrome / brave / firefox / safari or else).
  • Go to address

2b- Using Wired Ethernet

  • Connect a network cable from the base unit directly to a computer.
  • On the computer open a web browser (chrome / brave / firefox / safari or else).
  • Find the IP address of the Emonwrt3 device in your home router.
  • Enter the ip address in the web browser such as http://<ip-address>


  • The Luci web interface should now appear.
  • Login using user root password admin.

Visualise Data

Emonwrt3 04.png
  • From the top menu select Emonwrt3 | Streams
  • The first Emoncms entry will be enabled but not configured.
  • Get the Read & Write apikey from your emoncms online account.
  • Copy and paste it in the apikey field of the first stream entry on Luci.
  • Save and apply. After few seconds data will appear on the Emoncms online account under Setup | Inputs.

Enter Calibration Values

By default all channels are calibrated for the 100A rating (83.33).

If you are using Emonwrt3 base board other than 100A you should modify the calibration values in Emonwrt3 | Channels. Then modify the values in the Calibration Coefficients field.

If you do not know the right value to enter refer to this table here.

Check Latest Version

The SKW71 might not necessarily be provided with latest software. To check which version you are using go to System | Software. Then in the Filter field enter emonwrt3 and click on Find Package.

The version will appear in the version column. Compare this against the history version here.

Following this guide to update the software if needed. Emonwrt3 Upgrade Software