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  • 4 AC current sensors.
  • 3 AC Voltage sensors.
  • 1 Temperature port
  • Compute real power.
  • Fit on Raspberrypi 4 holes mounting pattern.
  • AtMega328 Mcu (Arduino UNO)
  • MCP3208 12 bits ADC
  • Stackable with RPICT8_slave and RPI_T8.
  • Onboard voltage transformer

RPICT4W3T1 is the equivalent board to the RPICT4V3 with ZMPT voltage transformer integrated and the addition of a DS18B20 temperature sensor port.

Recommended sensors

  • AC Current sensor:
    • SCT-013-000
    • SCT-019
    • SCT-006
  • AC Voltage sensor:
    • ZMPT101B module is integrated.
  • Temperature:
    • DS18B20

VOLTAGE OUTPUT CT SUCH AS SCT-013-030 and other SCT-013-0XX ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS BOARD. Only use the SCT-013-000 which is a current output CT.

Temperature Sensor


The temperature port supports mutiple sensor on the same Onewire line.

The sketch is programmed to search for all connected probe at bootup and output all their values when polled.

Multiple probes should connected as shown below.

Ds18b20 daisychain.png

Software Configuration

For any units ordered before the 1st of February 2022 the firmware version is version 3. Follow this link below for configuration. If possible upgrade to firmware version 4.
Before 1st Feb 22 RPICT4W3T1 Configuration
Upgrading to sketch version 4

First make sure the lcl-package is installed if not done already.

wget lechacal.com/RPICT/tools/lcl-rpict-package_latest.deb
sudo dpkg -i lcl-rpict-package_latest.deb

Now starts a server instance on the Raspberrypi using.


You can now access the Raspberrypi configuration server if you point your browser to the link below


You can now edit the configuration.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 20-22-56.png


Firmware Sketch

This is the default firmware.


This sketch can be loaded directly from the Raspberrypi following this guide and executing the commands below.

wget lechacal.com/RPICT/sketch/RPICT4W3T1_v4.0.2.ino.hex
lcl-upload-sketch.sh RPICT4W3T1_v4.0.2.ino.hex

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